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About Us

About Us

About Us

At the behest of a mutual friend, Jim Lafeber and Nikki Kloiber were introduced on a beautiful summer day in 1997 at the since closed cultural icon of Chicago known as The Great Beer Palace. After quite a bit of small talk and a few excellent German beers, Jim got the nerve to ask Nikki out on a date. Plans were made for the following evening, with Jim promising to pick up Nikki at 8:00 for an exciting night.

When Jim arrived at Nikki's house, she was a little surprised to see that instead of the hot little sports car she'd expect of someone who worked in the finance industry, Jim was driving a giant station wagon. Yes, a giant station wagon.

Of course, Nikki came to find out, that was not really a giant station wagon, but a pristinely kept 1989 white Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 And although Nikki was soon to replace it as the love of Jim's life, he was, and still remains to this day, really into that car.

Jim was so into that car, as a matter of fact, that he would only valet it after driving around the block several times himself, as he didn't trust the parking attendants with his precious automobile. He would park at the very last spot in a parking row, so as to avoid getting dings from other cars. And he would only take his cars to certain car washes and watch the workers obsessively as they scrubbed the car. Nikki put up with all this mumbo jumbo, and after tons of road trips all across the country, Jim and Nikki got married and their wedding carriage of choice was none other than the regal Land Cruiser.

When the finance bubble started to burst, Jim and Nikki decided it was time to start thinking about building their own business. Jim's love for cars drove their research process. Of all the car washes he'd visited, he noticed a pattern of cars being treated very roughly, and dirty equipment being used over and over again on different cars. Having detailed cars since the age of 14, Jim had perfected techniques and methods that none of the car washes in town came close to. From this dissatisfaction, the idea for Simon's Shine Shop was born.

Simon's is different from other car washes in lots of ways, First of all, we use freshly washed mitts and microfiber towels on each car. That means a lot of laundry for us, but it's important since trapped grime and grit can scratch your car's finish. Secondly, our crew is seriously the best in town, with most being with us since our opening in 2004. Lastly, being unhappy with what were known to be the best on the market, we've developed our own line of car care products that we believe are the very best out there, and use these on each and every car that comes into the shop.

And while car care is first and foremost at Simon's, care of our customers is important too! Nikki always hated visiting car washes since most of them had unfriendly staff, dirty work areas, and waiting rooms that were as about comfortable as a courthouse's. So she makes sure that the staff always has a smile, that there is free (and good!) coffee and tea, the latest magazines, a play area for the kids, and critically important, a spotlessly clean customer bathroom.

We hope you'll come to Simon's Shine Shop for your next hand car wash or detail. We promise to take good care of your car - and you too!

Spotless Quality

There's nothing dirty about this hand carwash. We use a freshly washed mitt for every car that comes in so your car's finish is protected and we make sure it's squeaky clean.

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Spotless Service

We pride ourselves on our skilled and experienced team and promise to take great care of your car. We also offer a wash & park service, so feel free to drop off your car while you shop, work out, or see a movie.

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Spotless Space

Going to the car wash can be a chore, but why not have fun while you're there? We promise good coffee, WiFi, great magazines and a fun place for the kids. A clean bathroom doesn't hurt either, does it?

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