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Because we are a hand car wash, we do admit that we take a little longer than automatic washes. And since we stress quality over quantity, our goal has never been to be the fastest wash.

With that said, the Just Fine Shine (our standard interior/exterior wash) usually takes about 20-25 minutes. Extra services mean more time, so if you need a little extra scrubbing, be sure to plan accordingly. You can always leave your car with us while you grab lunch, a workout, or get a little shopping done.

Also, the shop is most crowded on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Therefore, your wash might take a little longer during those busy times. We are open Monday - Saturday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm so swinging by before or after work will make it more likely for you to get in and out pretty quickly.



First and foremost, we focus on providing the best quality service we can, using the best products available. We don't have the capacity to do as many cars as some of our competitors can, but we're okay with that!

Simon's is unique in lots of ways, but one thing that makes us really special is that we use only freshly washed scratch-free mitts and microfiber towels on your car. Some other car washes reuse their mitts and towels. This is bad because dirt, grit and rocks can get trapped with repeated use, which can scratch the finish of your car.

We also use a pH-balanced soap that is sprayed directly on your car with a foamer. Instead of the reused soap you see in buckets at some other car washes, using a foamer ensures a new and clean lather all over your car.

Comfort is key when you're waiting for your car, so we have tricked our waiting room with comfy tables and chairs, free coffee and tea, WiFi, and a fabulous magazine selection.



Simon's might be a little pricier than some other washes out there, but we know when you see the quality of your service, you'll be convinced it's worth it. A few reasons we need to charge what we do:

  • An average of five crew members will work on your car when you have it washed at Simon's. Our crew members are paid an hourly wage vs. payment per car, which is how most hand car washes pay their employees. Therefore their incentive is to do the best job possible, and not to push cars out as fast as they can.
  • Simon's cleans each and every wash mitt and towel between uses, which means a dirty cloth will never touch your car.
  • We use only premium car care products on your car, including Zymol, Meguiar's, 3M, P21S and Lexol.



According to the International Carwash Association, how often you should wash your vehicle depends on where you live. Below is information for our area.

State of Illinois:

Illinois offers a moderate degree of corrosiveness for vehicles due to the effects of road salt and acid rain.

Annual snowfall in central and southern Illinois averages 15 to 30 inches - but northern Illinois, with its close proximity to Lake Michigan - can bring 60 inches of snow. Where there's snow, there's road salt. Road de-icing materials can cause great damage to vehicles, and are estimated to cause billions of dollars in damage each year to American automobiles.

Additionally, environmental groups such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the auto industry alike concede that acid rain, a serious problem in urban and industrial areas within the United States, also causes damage to automotive coatings. When the moisture evaporates, the acid remains - often forming a blemish that looks like a splattered raindrop. Acid rain eats through a car's finish, permanently etching it. Annual precipitation in Illinois averages about 34 inches in the north, and 46 in the south. It's important to wash a car soon after a rainfall. Once damage is done, the only solution is to repaint. Effects are most noticeable on vehicles with dark or metallic finishes.

If you park your car outside, drive long distances, or live in a heavily wooded area, you should also wash your car more frequently to avoid other damaging elements such as dirt, tree sap and even bird droppings (which you may be surprised to learn is very acidic and if not removed, will permanently stain your car's finish).

Car Wash Wizard Prescription:

Illinois car owners wishing to preserve their auto investment should wash their car at least two to three times a month to protect against long-term damage from salt, acid rain and other harmful elements. If you see or feel salt building up on your car, wash it within a few days to avoid the beginnings of corrosion. A professional detail job at least once a year - preferably twice - will keep the carpets and upholstery looking like new. Research shows that resale or trade-in values for cars can be significantly increased (by more than $1,500) if the exterior and interior of an automobile were well cared for.



To prevent damage from the harsh effects of city living, including salt, bird droppings, rail dust, and acid rain, we suggest waxing your car at a minimum of four times per year. An easy way to remember? New season = new wax!

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