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Exterior Detailing Services

Our exterior detailing entails more than a simple buff and wax treatment you might get at some other detail shops. We take the utmost care to not only make your vehicle look spectacular, but to do so while preserving the integrity of your paint surface. This means fully decontaminating the paint surface, properly cleaning the finish, and polishing without being overly aggressive. Because we are conscientious of the environment, we use only biodegradable, non-polluting, environmentally safe products. And because we only use the finest products you’ll get a shine that is guaranteed to last.

Enhancement Detail

Get your car's exterior looking the best it has looked in years...

The Enhancement Detail is a great way to see the difference a Simon's Detail can make. The paint surface is cleaned and decontaminated and carefully polished to a beautiful shine. This service is a good introduction to Simon's Exterior Detailing.

  • 29-Stage natural handwash
  • Wheel Bright treatment to clean and remove brake dust
  • Clay service on all windows and painted surfaces to remove embedded contaminants
  • Machine polish to remove minor scratches and to produce a stunning shine
  • Apply paint protectant to preserve and protect the finish
  • Tires and exterior plastic cleaned and conditioned
  • All chrome and metal surfaces are cleaned and polished
  • Clean windows inside and out


Sml - $300
Med - $325
Full - $350
SUV - $375
MV/XL - $400

Estimated time:
Approximately 7 - 10 hours
Suggested frequency of service:

New Car Protection Detail

Most people think a new car is delivered in perfect condition and no detailing is required. This actually is not the case, as all new vehicles can benefit from crucial products and services to repair the pre-delivery damage from improper storage, transportation, and dealer prep. After correcting this damage, we’ll ensure the vehicle stays in mint condition with proper protection.

A sampling of some of the stages included in this service:

  • Presoak With Snowfoam to Remove Debris and Oil from Surface
  • Clay Service on All Painted Surfaces
  • Degrease and Clay Wheels for Protection
  • Clay and Cleanse Glass for Glass Protection
  • Undercarriage Wash with Rust Inhibitor
  • Minor Paintwork Correction Service
  • IPA Wipe Down to Remove Polishing Oils
  • Durable Sealant Applied to the Paintwork
  • Plastic, Trim, and Tires Cleaned, Conditioned and UV Protected
  • Apply Heat Resistant Coating that Protects from Brake Dust
  • All Interior Surfaces Wiped Down and Vacuumed
  • Glass and Mirrors Cleaned
  • Application of Protection from Staining, Heavy Dirt and Sunrays on Plastic, Leather, Upholstery and Carpets
  • Treatment and Conditioning of the Seals Around the Vehicle
  • Wipe Down Engine Bay
  • Apply Protection to All Plastic Components and Hoses
  • Protect All Painted Surfaces


Sml - $675
Med - $725
Full - $775
SUV - $825
MV/XL - $875

Estimated time:
Approximately 1-2 days

Outside Shine

The horror of an unprotected car will be remedied with this premium hand wax that offers long-lasting protection and a glossy shine...

  • Premium Exterior Shine PLUS...
  • Application of a high gloss polymer sealant (or carnauba wax at your request) that shines and protects
  • Complete exterior conditioning and UV protection on plastic rubber and window areas
  • Window and wheel treatment


Sml - $150
Med - $160
Full - $170
SUV - $180
MV/XL - $190

Approximately 75-120 minutes depending on size and condition of vehicle.

Matte Paint Detail

Matte paint requires unique products to enhance the appearance of its "flat" finish. With Dr. Beasley's matte paint care products, we've got the tools and expertise to keep your matte car looking perfect. The Matte Paint Detail will decontaminate the paint, enhance the appearance, and protect your vehicle's finish for 6-9 months.

A sampling of some of the stages included in this service:

  • 29-Stage natural wash (Matte Body Wash) with wheels, arches, door shuts cleaned.
  • Full Wheel Bright Service to remove brake dust using special wheel brushes.
  • Full paintwork decontamination (removes embedded contaminants).
  • Hand-dried using soft microfiber drying towels.
  • Matte Paint Coating for an invisble barrier of long lasting protection.
  • Long lasting sealant is applied to wheels.
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished.
  • Rain/water repellant treatment is applied to all exterior windows.
  • Tires and exterior plastics cleaned and conditioned.


Sml - $340
Med - $350
Full - $360
SUV - $370
MV/XL - $380

Estimated time:
Approximately 3 1/2 hours
Suggested frequency of service:
6 months

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